Accessibility Guide - Lee's Family Forum
Accessibility Guide
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  • Sensory Room: Lee’s Family Forum is proud to partner with KultureCity to feature a space and tools for guests with sensory processing impairments. The Sensory Room features soft carpeting, tactile wall hangings, and soft furniture. To gain access to the room, and receive a Sensory Bag, please head to the Guest Services Booth behind Section 3.
  • Tickets for Accessible Seating: Lee’s Family Forum has designated seating specifically for guests with disabilities and their companions. Please visit our Box Office, which is open 3 hours prior to each event, or our website through AXS Ticketing to purchase tickets for accessible seating. Additional information on accessible seating, including pricing, availability, features, and seat maps, is available upon request.
  • Auxiliary Aids and Services: Lee’s Family Forum is pleased to offer complimentary Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) to guests with visual impairments & hearing difficulties. ALDs can be obtained at the Guest Services Booth behind Section 3. An ID is required to receive an ALD. The ID will be held until the device is returned. Guests of Lee’s Family Forum seeking other auxiliary aids or services during their visit should contact Guest Services.
  • Concession Stands: Concession stands at Lee’s Family Forum are accessible to guests with disabilities. If assistance is required at any of the concession stands, please contact the nearest staff member.
  • Door Times: Arena doors open at different times. The Main Entrance opens 1 hour and 15 minutes before game time. The South Entrance opens 1 hour prior to games. Both entrances are accessible for patrons with disabilities.
  • Family Restrooms: Our restrooms are accessible to patrons with disabilities. Family restrooms are designated for families and guests with disabilities who require private accommodations or additional assistance. Family restrooms are located throughout Lee’s Family Forum.
  • First Aid: First Aid and EMS services are located at the Guest Services Booth behind Section 3.
  • Guest Services Booth: Guests needing assistance should approach an Event Staff Member or stop by the Guest Services Booth behind Section 3. The Guest Services Booth offers a number of services for many of our guests. Stop by Section 3 and talk with us!
  • Reasonable Modifications: Guests of Lee’s Family Forum seeking reasonable modifications of its policies, practices or procedures should contact Guest Services as far in advance of their visit as possible.
  • Service Animals: Animals and pets are not allowed to enter Lee’s Family Forum except as set forth below. Subject to our right under applicable law to revoke the license granted by your admission ticket, service dogs (or other service animals expressly authorized under applicable law) that are trained to perform work or tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability are welcomed in all areas of Lee’s Family Forum to which the public is invited. Service animals must have a harness, leash or other tether at all times unless performing necessary tasks for the guests. Guests with disabilities are responsible for cleaning up after their service animals and for any damage caused by the service animals. As such, animals that provide emotional support or companionship to a guest will not be permitted inside the arena. If you have any additional questions surrounding service animals at Lee’s Family Forum, please contact Guest Services.
  • Wheelchairs: Wheelchair storage is available at the Guest Services Booth. Wheelchair escorts to and from seats are also available on request. Staff members are unable to physically assist or lift guests to transfer between their wheelchairs and arena seating.